Sunday, August 11, 2019

NASCAR Thoughts - Jimmie Johnson

Week after week, I watch Jimmie Johnson trying to make something of his weekend. I’m sure it’s extremely painful for most of his fans to watch, but for me, as a Kyle Busch fan, it’s wonderful.

I want to say that his team has struggled for a long time now, but in reality, I believe it’s Jimmie that’s struggling. They even brought a different person in to be his crew chief, and that isn’t helping. How many more races do they have to lose, before Jimmie just admits to himself that he needs to be done? Is Hendrick waiting for Jimmie to figure it out himself? Or is Hendrick secretly hoping Jimmie will suddenly be better? Ridiculous, either way.

Hendrick is a business man. A business man invested in a sport that is supported with wins. Two of the four Hendrick cars have found victory lane. With competition as tough as it is every week, I don’t see the 48 going to Victory Lane. At least not for the rest of this year. I guess if the whole field wrecked, and Jimmie was one of only a few cars left, it’s possible he could win. But still, not likely.

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