Monday, May 7, 2018

You only turn 40 once

This year, I’m turning 40.

It’s hard to believe that it’s been forty years since I was born. I think my parents might be a little shocked too. I mean, they were just young adults when I was born. I guess that means they’ve aged forty years too. But shhh! They certainly don’t want to hear it. Ha!

My 40th birthday party started out as a surprise, but apparently there were too many questions to answer, and they didn’t know how to get the answers without making the whole plan obvious. So, although it isn’t a surprise, it’s still a pretty awesome thing.

The second to last race of the 2018 NASCAR season is November 11th in Phoenix. There will be eight of us, spending the entire weekend at the racetrack. We’ve rented a very large home, big enough for all of us to stay together, and I promise that house is going to get a lot of use those several days. Three NASCAR races, over three days. I can’t imagine the kind of shenanigans that will take place, but I can guarantee that I’m going to let loose and allow my 40th birthday to be amazing. I mean, you only turn 40 once.

Racing, swimming, and bbqing. This will be a birthday to remember.

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