Friday, January 12, 2018

Friday Letters

It’s Friday. Let’s write some letters.

Dear RJ: I love that you’ve been calling me every day since you’ve gone home. It helps make my day complete when I hear all about yours.

Dear Kohl’s: I don’t know what happened with your shipping department, but the package that says was never delivered, was. But thanks for the refund anyway. Ha.

Dear Ebony: You’re the coolest cat, and I’m so grateful that you walked into our lives. I promise I’ll always keep you safe.

Dear Netflix: You have some great shows! I’ve stumbled across so many different types of shows that I wouldn’t normally ever see, and a few of them have actually changed my life. Thank you for that.

Dear SS: Clearly I can’t be trusted to go shopping alone, since I always come home with extra stuff we don’t need. But just know that we absolutely did need the wax burner for the side table next to my chair.

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