Monday, September 12, 2016

Catching Up

It’s September, and we all know what that means.

Back to School!

Summertime is over. Here in SoCal, that doesn’t mean the end of swimming, weekend bbq’s, hiking, or trips to the beach. Nope. It was 91* degrees here yesterday, so we’re hoping to see some cooler days in our near future.
What it does mean, is more traffic. Since schools are back in, the freeways are completely stopped in the morning, and the city streets are more crowded from the people trying to avoid the freeway. On-ramps are stopped because the freeway isn’t moving, which backs up traffic into the regular streets as well. It’s a frustrating thing we deal with here every day. And I can’t wait to move away from it all.

Lil’ SS started 7th grade this year (YIKES!), and RJ started 11th (HOLY COW!). Both of them started new school’s, and while Lil’ SS is adapting well, RJ is having a bit of a harder time. :(

School is closed. With about a week’s notice that the school might close, us students were left wondering, “What do we do now?” 15 months into my 21 month program, the school has left me with two options.
1- transfer a couple of my credits to a different school 45 minutes away, take more classes that weren’t needed in my previous program, and graduate from new school.
2- contact my student loans and apply for loan forgivness because school closed, and continue working at current job.

Neither option is what I want, I’ll be honest.
Back to the drawing board of what I want out of life.

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