Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Writing Challenge: Day 3

Where You Work

I work at one of the coolest ranches in Los Angeles.

  • A very playful bear that has been featured in so many commercials, movies, and most recently, Hell's Kitchen.
  • A male lion that hates heat, and would rather cuddle and roll around the ground with you.
  • A female tiger that knows she rules the property.
  • A black leopard that brings a smile to the faces of everyone that sees and works with him. Oh how I wish people would stop calling him a Panther. There’s no such thing as a Panther, people!
  • A couple of Capuchin Monkeys that constantly stare at me when they see me in the windows of my office.

And so many other animals that just don't get enough television time.

There are different rules at this ranch about sharing pictures and info of stuff we are working on, so that’s the reason I don’t talk too much about it. If I’m allowed to share, I will. I promise.


Now it’s your turn. Tell me where you work.


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