Saturday, January 2, 2016

Road Trip

It's Saturday morning, and it's almost time to hit the road to my least favorite place. Phoenix.

In actuality, I enjoy road trips. They're full of adventure with the unknown in the windshield. But, sometimes I just go along for the ride, because a 13hr drive, isn't as much fun when you're alone. And if riding along for the day means SS is happy, then it's worth every second. I aim to please. Especially for someone I love deeply.

There's so much I could go on and on about when it comes to making this turnaround trip, but I know who reads this, and the last thing I want anyone knowing, is how I really feel about it. So, my mouth stays shut, my mind switches to something else, and the day goes on. As planned.

Ive talked SS into getting one of my all time favorite fast food places for lunch today. But, we have to get to Phoenix first.


Happy Day two of 2016!


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