Sunday, December 6, 2015

Another year


-the 12th prime number
-the atomic number of radium
-the normal body temperature in Celsius
-the number of plays Shakespeare is said to have written
-my age

On Thanksgiving day, I turned thirty-seven years old. An age that I swear I do not feel. Wasn’t it just a few years ago when I was celebrating RJ’s first birthday and I was twenty-two?Ryans 1st B day 3

Since Thanksgiving day was for spending time with family that drove in from out of state, and being thankful Mom and SS know how to cook a turkey, we celebrated my birthday the day after.

Queen Mary – Long Beach, CA

We spent the morning at the Queen Mary. I haven’t been there since I was about six or seven years old, so it was pretty exciting to be back. And this time, I got to share it with my kid. We took a tour down to the bottom of the ship. That was pretty creepy, but amazing at the same time.

After we wandered around long enough in the areas we were allowed, we headed across the bridge to…

The Aquarium of the Pacific – Long Beach, CA

This place was amazing. RJ touched Hammerhead Sharks in a big aquarium, SS played with Horseshoe Crabs in a tank, we all saw penguins up close and watched baby sharks swim around in their pods. There was so much more to this place, that a single post on here just doesn’t do it justice. It was amazing, and totally worth the trip to Long Beach.

We had lunch at Hooters, where my 15-year-old son just couldn’t keep his eyes to himself. I’m surprised I got any attention at all. ;-)

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