Sunday, November 22, 2015

Happy Birthday to me

It’s not brand new, but it’s new to me.
And the best birthday present I’ve ever gotten.

The road I drive every day to work, is a tough one. It’s dirt mixed with little pebbles, large rocks, and many dips and holes. There is a section that makes me feel like I’m doing a four-wheeling rock climb, and while that is just cool in itself, the Honda of SS’s I have been driving since my accident in April, just wasn’t cutting it. Plus, with El Nino supposedly coming ten fold this year, SS was determined he wasn’t going to be riding his motorcycle to work every day for the next two years while I finish school. So, he went out and bought me this truck for my birthday. That’s how bad he wanted his Honda back.

So, every day, I drive this Escape down a long, windy, bumpy road, and she gets me there. In one piece. She’s a real good sport about it, because I know that road isn’t very forgiving.

I see camping trips, 4-wheel-drive back road mud days, and a teenage boy that won’t complain about the lack of room in the small car anymore. Score!

Now she just needs an appropriate name. I don’t know why I assume she’s a female. Maybe because she’s not a monster truck with large tires? Who knows. Either way, this baby needs a name.

P.S. I’ve already got the Kyle Busch stickers on order for the back window. And of course, the MsNscr license plate will be on just as soon as we get all the registration stuff from the dmv.  :)

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