Friday, February 6, 2015

Friday Letters

It’s been a while since I’ve written some letters, so let’s get to it.

Dear Lady-at-the-Courthouse: Thank you for all the help you provided, and the extra time you spent going through the whole case. I promise I’ll pay it forward.

Dear Jamie: Thank you for covering for me in the office so I could get some important paperwork done at the courthouse. It’s time that rules are put in place and people stop making decisions that are not fair for both parties. #FightForYourKids

Dear SS’s Daughter: You are officially eleven years old, and although we weren’t there to celebrate for your ACTUAL birthday, we will be there this weekend for your party. Can’t wait! #RoadTrip

Dear Simon Baker: You have done a fantastic job playing Patrick Jane in The Mentalist, and I’m really going to miss the show when it’s done. Hope you get another gig real soon. #ThreeMoreEpisodes

Dear Super Bowl Watchers: I didn’t get around to doing a post about the commercials we did this year for the Super Bowl, but know that we had three. Of course, the Budweiser commercial with the puppies was ours. Nobody could do them better than us. Thank you for loving it. :)
We also did the Go Daddy commercial that everyone threw a fit about and was eventually pulled off the grid. I can remember when we first got the call for that job, thinking about the repercussions. Only it wasn’t for the ‘sale of the puppy online’ that we thought would be the issue. We thought people would be mad about the puppy falling out of the truck, or the spoofness it had to the Budweiser commercial we were shooting at the same time. Thankfully, we have amazing trainers and American Humane Reps, so contrary to how it looks on camera, all the puppies were safe and never in harms way. Ever. And for those that bitched and complained about the ‘sale of puppies online’, shut up.
The final commercial we did was for the game Game of War. It was a white horse that a woman rode through the scene. Nothing real exciting, but it was ours nonetheless.

Dear SS: I’m excited to go on a mini vacation/road trip with you. And again, I promise I’ll be on my best behavior. xo

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