Monday, December 29, 2014

If you liked Jumanji, then this movie is for you

Do you remember the movie Jumanji? A couple of kids play a board game that comes to life. They have to finish the game, regardless of what kind of trouble comes to life. Once the game is finished, everything resets and it seems as if nothing ever happened. Very good movie, if you’ve never seen it. And Robin Williams was amazing. As usual.







Well, the author of that book, wrote another one that was similar, and they turned it into a movie as well. Except it was called Zathura, and takes place in space, not the jungle. The premise is the same. A kid finds the game, takes a turn, and the rest causes the house to be invaded by meteors, robots, and aliens. Once the game ends, everything goes back to normal.
It had me scared a few times, worried about what was happening to the characters, and even had me tearing up at one point.

Point is…. If you loved Jumanji, you’ll love this one. Go watch it. It was worth the two hours of my time.


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