Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Pur Water Filter–Product Review

When we moved into this house, I was buying case after case of bottled water, much to SS’s dissatisfaction. I took one with me everywhere I went.

A few months later, I finally gave in to SS’s constant nagging about bottled water, and we bought a Pur Water Filter. For the first few days, it worked wonderfully. No complaints. And SS was happy.

Fast forward to a few weeks later. This is what the water looks like when we turn the faucet on…. (water leaks out the seal). *It’s important to know that SS has had to tighten the black sleeve they gave us a number of times, but it still leaks out the sides. There’s no more room for tightening.


When we flip the little switch on the side to change the water to filtered, it sprays out all over the place like this….

It’s annoying. I hate it.

Pur Water Filter. Never buy this. Unless you want water all over your counters and walls.


  1. Filter could be clogged already. Could explain the back pessure causing the leaking.

    The county water here has a distinct dirt flavor. MMMMM. We installed a whole house water filter several years ago. I have to change the filter media (Charcoal) every two years which is a pain but all of our water is filtered and taste good. It also keeps grit from getting into the water valves which can cause leaks and solenoid failures.

    No I dont sell water filters for a living.

    1. LOL. You crack me up.

      SS thinks it has to do with the extremely high pressure we have. So unusual to have pressure that high, but we do. I'm still skeptical though. I'm tempted to try a different product. Or just get one of those pitchers that filters water.

    2. We were required to put a pressure reducing valve on our house due to the high pressure.

      Have to be careful with high pressure. It can burst the waterline going to the fridge if it is one of the polyethelene lines.

    3. Ooohhh. Good to know.
      Thanks for the heads up....