Thursday, July 31, 2014

Let’s Talk NASCAR


This year has been interesting. Ups. Downs. Penalties. Suspensions. And we’re only half way through the season.

Denny Hamlin: Whoa at the penalties handed down to Hamlin and his #11 FedEx team. For me, it’s hard to believe that the problems weren’t noticed in any of the pre race inspections, but who the hell am I to talk? I miss things all the time. Just not when it comes to my job. I’d like to see Hamlin come back and kick ass the rest of the season, winning several more races, but let’s face it, that’s not likely. Especially when KB is in the way. ;-)

Mark Martin: He’s going back to Roush! I’m so happy to hear this. Roush is exactly where Mark belongs. I hated when he left there in 2006. It felt wrong, but because I liked Mark, I supported his decision. I even bought memorabilia that proudly displayed the Army #01 logos. When he moved to Hendrick Motorsports in 2008, I was disappointed. I’m not a Hendrick fan, and so thus began my search for a new favorite NASCAR driver.

Jeff Gordon: This boy still has it. Especially at Indy. I remember back in 1999, when I was living in Corpus Christi, TX, Jeff Gordon and his #24 Dupont car showed up at a gas station. The X and I had been driving around and it caught our attention. The X made a u-turn, and we went to check it out. I wasn’t into NASCAR then like I am now, but I do remember thinking it was kind of strange that he didn’t have a huge crowd around him. In fact, we were the ONLY people at the gas station, not getting gas. It was weird. He signed the photo of him he was giving out, and we went on our way. Maybe people didn’t like him back then?

Carl Edwards: Leaving Roush Fenway Racing. All I have to say to that is IT’S ABOUT TIME, CARL! For several years now, I’ve wondered what has become of Carl Edwards. I support him because he drives for Aflac, and we provide Aflac with the duck, so naturally, when the duck is with Carl, we’re fans. However, now that he won’t be playing with the duck, I’m not sure how much support I can show for him. With the latest talk being about him moving to JGR, I can’t help but feel like I have to support him. Hopefully we’ll see some great things from him next year. Hopefully.

That’s it for today. More NASCAR later.

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  1. There were a gazillion cars at the JGR facility this week. Prolly carrying all the cash and points off property.