Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Operation Move: Complete

It was a long, long day, but with the help of some really awesome people, we got it finished. Some things went up just one flight of stairs. Some, went upstairs into the bedrooms, so two flights of stairs were required. I.Hated.Carrying.Heavy.Stuff.Up.Two.Flights.Of.Stairs. Especially when the stairs have a sharp right turn. Fuuuuuuuun.

I’m excited and exhausted. We’ve been unpacking boxes for four days. I’ve run across things I had forgotten I owned. Things that took me back to another life I had with a husband and three children. Things that made me cry. Things that made me laugh. And at every turn of each page, SS was there to laugh and wipe away tears. He’s more awesome than I deserve. Just sayin’.

Watching him get excited as he opens a box from his past, was fun. Especially when he pulled out an entire binder full of these….

Remember these damn things? I had a few as a kid, but only because they came in a cereal box and I refused to throw them away.

Then he went and bought himself a new 46” television. It’s his baby. I’ve heard him say a number of times, “My tv is getting dusty.” I guess that’s my cue.  ;-)

Yes, yes. The tv is tentatively set up on a little side table. We haven’t bought couches, a coffee table, or a tv stand yet, but it’s in the works. We’re still looking and not willing to settle for something we don’t LOVE.

He bought me all new kitchen dishes, flatware, appliances, and more. I’m telling you, he’s too good to me.

I refuse to hang anything on the walls until all the furniture is set in place. I’m not about to make holes in the walls without knowing the stuff is going to stay there. Me and holey walls do not mix. Tacky.

However, I did go ahead and hang my favorite clock. She’s beautifully hung in my dining room where I can hear her from all areas of the house. Now, it finally feels like home. And I love it.

Operation Move: Complete


  1. Setting up house together. Aside from having to carry everything upstairs, sounds like things are GOOD!
    Love that clock.

  2. Things are amazing right now. I couldn't be more happy.
    I actually look forward to coming home at night.
    Of course, it helps that he gets home before me and has a margarita waiting for me. ;-)