Thursday, January 23, 2014

It’s okay Thursday.

I’ve seen people do this on all days of the week, so here’s mine on a Thursday…

It’s okay….

  • …to wish the Kardashian clan AND Kanye West, would go away. Their trashiness and constant need to be in the crosshairs of the camera, is pathetic. And Kanye, you’re a bully. And we all know what the world wants to do with bullies.
  • …to think the new movie Devil’s Due, looks stupid. Where do they keep getting these dumb movie plots?
  • …to want Justin Beiber to be thrown in jail permanently, or a shark tank. He’s the worst kind of roll model a kid could have. He’s ridiculous.
  • …to want to delete my Facebook account. I’m so annoyed with the stupid drama that people feel they need to post. It’s insane. Why do people feel they need to notify all 400+ of their friends that they’re taking a shit? People are so stupid!! And the ads. I think Facebook has more ads than my local television station.
  • …to be nervous and excited at the same time, about moving in with SS.
  • …to be happy and sad that Jeffy is dating other women.
  • …to be ready for a vacation even though I’ve only been back to work for two weeks.

Until next time….

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