Sunday, November 17, 2013

Getting to Know Me

What was your first paid job? 

My mom was the Director of Personnel for one of the school districts not too far from where we lived, so when it became necessary for me to have a summer job (after summer school, of course), she worked her magic and got me a position as a teachers aid working with special needs children under the age of six. I was 15, getting into trouble at school, and very impressionable.

There were eleven kids in this day care, and I was partially responsible for all of them from 8am – 2:00pm Monday through Friday. (From 2:30p – 5p I would work in my moms office doing misc. stuff for all her coworkers. I guess that was my second paying job.) We spent a lot of time doing projects focusing on motor skills and patience, but there were other fun activities we did like swimming, playing on fire trucks, and running at the park.

It was hard work. And I didn’t let anyone tell me different. I had a sense of accomplishment knowing I made a difference in the lives of these children every day. I’d get home from work every day at 6pm, and I would be asleep by 7:30p. My parents LOVED it.

So, if you think taking care of three kids by yourself is hard, try taking care of eleven with special needs. Then tell me your job is hard.

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