Monday, September 30, 2013

A fortune…

Monday. The least popular day of the week. It’s certainly MY least favorite day. <sigh>

I took all last week off of work. Well, I went in Monday afternoon, but was off the rest of the time. I can’t go into why, but just know that I did. :-)

When I got to the office this morning, there was a fortune cooking sitting on my desk. It was the same one I had left there the last Friday I had worked. Naturally, being curious about my fortune from over a week ago, I opened it and found this…..


I immediately laughed out loud. Boss#2 begins to wonder why I laughed, and when I showed her, her only reply was “You are. Certainly by me.”   <big grin>  Glad they saved it for me.

I have recently been craving the Surf ‘n Turf at Panda Express. I have so many addictions going on right now, that I had to satisfy one of them. So, to Panda I went today for lunch. And with Panda came another fortune cookie.

How come when I saw this, all I could think about was Game of Thrones? Goffery hasn’t married yet, right?



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  1. My fortunes are never quite that promising. Whats up with that?