Thursday, August 1, 2013

Upcoming commercial

Hi Y’all. Guess what? Tomorrow is Friday! Woot, woot. Isn’t that great? Isn’t it exciting that it’s almost the weekend? No work for TWO WHOLE DAYS! Yaaaaaaaaaay.

We just spent the last three weeks doing dog/puppy casting. We had to go outside of the studio animals in the business, and cast from what we call “private party owners”. It’s the same as people casting, only we have to deal with the OWNERS, too. And sometimes, animal owners can be … strange. This has been my experience, and agreeably, all the trainers as well. You can tell a lot about a person by their animals. Same is true about children, I suppose.

My job doesn’t entail any sort of training. Thankfully. My job is to help come up with an agreeable amount of money, and the perfect animal, to accomplish what they want. Cats running through a city street wearing clothes? Okay, that’ll be X amount of dollars. Dogs to act like circus animals in Minnesota? Cool. That’ll be X amount of dollars. Elephants trampling through Las Vegas for a Katy Perry music video? Yep, I’ll get right on it. Sometimes Boss#2 and I take a beating when it comes the production companies. They can be mean. Very mean. And they don’t know the first thing about animals and what it takes to get one of them to do anything, but they’ll try to convince you that they do. Studio trained animals are very different than privately owned pets, I promise.

The “product” people have finally cast the dogs and puppies. It’s going to be a big four day shoot, with LOTS of dog action. (I’ll share when it finally airs, don’t worry.)

Here are the puppies they chose. They’re both female. We have the pleasure of naming them, so several names ran through The Ranch. Some more hilarious than others.

Two finalist were: Oprah and Gail vs. Serena and Venus

I’ll let you know what names were finally chosen, tomorrow.

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  1. We've had a Golden Retriever and a Black Lab named Sheena and Shelby. They were good dogs.

    The pups are cute.