Wednesday, August 21, 2013

iTunes vs. ?

iPhone readers! I need help.

I have a library of music. It’s gigabyte upon gigabyte of genres that range across the board. And I need somewhere to put it. Well, not all of it, just some of it. Like the Jason Aldean albums, the Highway 101 songs, the Hank Williams classics. You know, the important stuff.

I hate iTunes. I’ve hated it from the very first time I ever installed it. Just knowing that when I click that little icon to open it, the next three minutes will be spent waiting for it to load. Sigh.

After a few years of hearing me complain about it, Jeff got a program that was different, yet had the same idea. It was amazing. Unfortunately, it was done on his computer, and I’m definitely not about to contact him for THAT.

So instead, I’m asking you readers.

What do YOU use to put music on your iPhone? Help!


  1. Sorry I cant help. I have not one song on my iPhone

  2. Well...... I have different opinions. I have over 8k songs on my iTunes, BUT! I don't use them. I use a program called Spotify, I love it! Only $6.99 a month, and i have access to any song I want, I can make as many playlist as I want. You can also download the list of songs and listen to them when disconnected from the internet. In love with the program, in for sure get my moneys worth =)

    1. No way am I going to play 7$ a month to listen to music. I don't even pay for the music I download. LOL

      XM is the only music I pay for. ;-)

  3. I can give you my Facebook log in if you wanna try it =)