Thursday, August 8, 2013

Can men and woman be just friends?

Someone sent me this video today. Watch it. What do YOU think?

Do you have experience with this? My answer would be yes AND no. Let me explain…

If you look at the situation like the guy in the video has, then yes, all men want to fuck all women, meaning men and women can’t be “just friends”. But that’s not always the case. Some men are a little more mature about where they stick their little friend. They understand boundaries and have enough common sense to know when an adult relationship is an adult relationship, and not a college fling, as it appears these are in the video. 

I have a handful of guy friends that I would never in a bazillion years think about having sex with. And honestly, a couple of those, probably feel the same way about me. Not all, but I’m sure a few.

However, the other side of that, shows that it is very difficult for a man and woman to be friends. I know Jeffy and I tried it a number of times, but since there was too much history and physical attraction, it didn’t work.

What are your thoughts? Can YOU have a friendship with the opposite sex without it going too far?

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