Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Seven more things

Today’s topic is: Tell seven random facts about yourself

  1. I don’t put the cap back on a pen on purpose. When I’m sitting at my desk, I want to be able to reach over and grab a pen and start to write. I don’t want to have to fumble around with taking lids off, or clicking the top until it’s out. Too many times I’ve missed the first part of a sentence or phone number because the pen wasn’t write ready.
  2. I don’t like to talk to people I don’t know. If I’m at a store and I need help, I won’t ask. I’ll continue to look until I either give up or find it.
  3. I am in NO position to get married right now, but that doesn’t stop me from looking at wedding dresses, venue’s, and engagement rings. A girl can dream, right?
  4. I don’t like the taste of beer, but when I go out drinking, that’s what I end up having. Hard alcohol makes me do naughty things, so beer it is!
  5. When I have packages delivered to my office, I hate to be the one to sign for them. I have enough responsibility around there, that looking over unclaimed packages can’t be one of them.
  6. I will take a picture of just about anything. I love to take pictures because I know for certain there will be a day when I don’t remember doing whatever it is I’m taking a picture of. I’ll have the photo as proof.
  7. I have a sexual oral fixation. Enough said.

Winking smile


  1. I can hardly ever find a pen.
    I feel comfortable talking to folks a know. I talk to people in line all the time.

    1. That was bad typing. I feel comfortable talking to folks I dont know. Usually more than I do folks that I know. Depending on the subject anyways.
      I like good beer. I prefer tequila, the dark liquours make me a bit grumpy.
      Alot of the packages that come in the back door are mine so I dont mind signing for them.
      #7 conflicts with #2 So you do enjoy talking?