Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Take it to the Pound

It’s been real slow at work lately. Most of the shows are in hiatus, and commercial productions are using already filmed commercials until the Fall Lineup starts. Kind of boring around The Ranch in the meantime. Owners are taking vacations, trainers are taking time off, and I sit alone in the office, thinking about anything and everything else I’d rather be doing.

A few of us were standing around this morning chatting about random stuff, and I casually mentioned that my son was going to be 13 next month. One of the people standing there was beyond shocked that I even had a kid, let alone a THIRTEEN year old. Hard to believe, yes, but it’s true.

The conversation quickly turned when she said “I can’t imagine being responsible for another person. You can’t just throw them in a crate and walk away. When it acts up, you can’t just take it back to the pound.” Immediately I was grateful that this woman wasn’t a parent. She could see I was shocked by her response, and asked why I didn’t have more children if I loved them so much.

I took a deep breath and thought carefully before answering. Did I want this woman to know the real reason I didn’t have more than one kid? I chose a less painful route, and decided against telling her. It just wasn’t her business.

Some people…

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