Wednesday, April 17, 2013

I have a stalker

I have a stalker, y'all. Can you believe that? Someone wants to stalk little ol' me. It must suck to be her if she needs to stalk ME.

For years, a friend of JK's has been purposely sabotaging the relationship I have with him. She knows she does it. He knows she does it. It's been six years, and since the very first time he mentioned my name to her, she's hated me. I couldn't care less about how she feels about me, because, after all, it's not HER that I want anything to do with (thank God!). I just wanted her to stay our of our relationship. But she wouldn't. She always had to intervene.

She stalks my Twitter account and my blog in hopes of finding something she can use against me. It's funny, because I think in the five years I've had my Twitter account, I've probably talked about her stupidity twice. If she assumes something I've said is about her, that's her issue to work through. She's totally not worth my time. But apparently, I'M WORTH HERS! It's hilarious. She must be fascinated with my job, so she has to watch my account every second of the day to see if she's missing any important info from set that day.

I have a friend that watches to make sure she doesn't talk negatively about me or my son, but unfortunately, I get a phone call once in a while saying that she has. We both take photos of it, because who knows, perhaps one day she'll take it too far and I'll need to bring in America's finest. She deletes them right afterwards so that JK doesn't see them. She's stupid if she thinks for one second I won't expose her if I need to. Her constant need to stalk my blog, my Pinterest account, my Twitter account, my Instagram account, and anything else I don't know about, is beyond pathetic. I've had to make everything private. And THAT is ridiculous.

About a month ago, I walked away from JK for the last time. I left his house and wanted nothing to do with him. His constant need to satisfy her desire to "be rid" of me, is something I'm not willing to keep fighting against. I was mistaken when I assumed the relationship between JK and I was "ours". I didn't realize it was a 3-way relationship and that she had to be part of it. I didn't sign up to be in a relationship with a woman, and so I walked.

For a few weeks, I tried to make arrangements with him to get the rest of my stuff from his house. Between his busy schedule and mine, we finally met up this past weekend. He fed me a bunch of lines about how much he missed me A LOT, and how much he dislikes coming home to an empty house, and how his commitment phobias cause problems in his head, blah, blah, blah. I listened as he talked, knowing full well that he was just rambling and didn't mean any of it. At least not to ME, he didn't mean it, because if he did, then he wouldn't be allowing someone else to run our relationship. He just wanted someone to say those things to. Someone that would listen to him. So, I did. He asked me to provide him with "company" over the weekend, so that's what I did. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Sunday evening, I left. I drove away very proud of the fact that I didn't have to be part of the lie he was living any longer. I'd gotten everything I had left at his house and went on my way. With no intentions on continuing communication, I sent him an email telling him how wonderful of a time I had over the weekend, and I wished him the best.

When he called me Monday morning to tell me that his friend has been stalking my Twitter account, I knew for the last time, that I was happy I walked away. I laughed at him over the phone as he tried to feed me some lies he's been forced to believe by someone that doesn't know ANYTHING about how I live my day-to-day life. It was quite entertaining to listen to someone tell me something about myself that wasn't even true. I wonder where people come up with this stuff. Probably the same place that people get their incorrect information about dogs dying on set.

If only my life was more exciting, I'd understand the constant need to obsesses over it. But it isn't. So I don't.

I hope she gets a life. And I hope he figures out his.
Love to all!


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  1. I spose she aint got no reason to stalk now. Maybe she will go away.