Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A Small Note to a Friend

Dear JK,

Six years. That's longer than some presidents stay in office. That's longer than either of us have driven any one car. It's longer than any job I've held, and it's longer than my first marriage lasted.

Whoa at the conversations we've had, the secrets we've shared, and the memories we've made. Unforgettable moments I wouldn't trade for anything in the world. Some don't understand. Some are completely baffled at the kind of relationship we have. Some, do not accept it. To all of them, I say, "Oh well."

When bff@work lost his wife, it put things in perspective for me. It made me realize, that no matter how things had played out in the past for us, there wasn't any way I wanted to go the rest of my life, without you being a part of it. It didn't matter what part you played, I just wanted you to be there. This is why, after such a hurtful parting back in March, I agreed to start talking again. I want to continue to share our love for racing, and our desire to eat everywhere we go. And if there's another opportunity to sit up in the press box alone, I'll make another memory you'll never forget. ;-)

The past can be a shady thing. It can also be one of the defining moments in a time frame. My past has brought me where I am today. It has taught me so much. The conversations we have today, are MUCH more complex, deep, and detailed than they were six years ago. Perhaps we've ironed out all the kinks? Perhaps the hate, guilt, fear, or pain has gone away. Perhaps.

No matter which road our life choice takes us, I hope it's one we can walk together. If not hand-in-hand, maybe side-by-side.

I love you.

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