Friday, June 22, 2012

Happy Weekend


I woke up to the beautiful sounds of the parakeets chirping in the backyard. (Kyle is a MUCH more chatty bird than Kurt.) I sat in the backyard, just as the sun was coming up, and chatted with an early morning visitor. It was just before 6am, and I was eager to start my day.

We had big plans.

I packed up a weekends worth of clothes, and this cool present, and hopped in the car. Off we went…

Helloooooooooooooooo Santa Barbara. Oh how I’ve missed you.

We took a trip around the pier… (got up close and personal with a few flighty friends)

…and under the pier (*wink wink*).

I had a few too many pineapple drinks at one of my favorite restaurants…

…we studied about sharks…. (these are sharks inside an egg case. they were attached to a sack, with an umbilical cord and all, and were moving around. I kick myself for not taking video.)

…and then just sat on the beach. And relaxed. And talked. And people watched. And talked some more. And laughed. And hugged. And laughed some more.

We got back in the car, drove about 30 minutes, and had dinner. Carne Asada…why have I not been eating this EVERY time I go out? Yummy!!

And I got a brand new sweatshirt out of it…..

I love days off. And I love spending them at the beach even more.

1 comment:

  1. Looks like a really nice trip. Ilove carne asada.

    Just dont stick a microphone in Kurts face.