Friday, June 8, 2012

Happy Friday!

4:19 - incoming text: “I’ll be there in 7 minutes. just crossing the intersection.

4:23 - phone rings: “I won’t be there. Just totaled my car. I’m bleeding, but feel fine. Car is smashed. My fault. Gotta go. Will call you back soon.

This was a moment in time that seemed to stand still. For the next five minutes, everything happened in slow motion. Images of body parts laying on the floorboard of the driver side, flashed through my head as I tried to gain some sort of composure. I was, after all, still at work.

Tears started streaming down my face. A couple of coworkers tried to console me, but the irrational thoughts and fears had already taken up residence inside my mind. I wanted to drop everything and drive down there, but knew I’d just be in the way.

I phoned a friend to help calm my nerves. One I knew would be rational. Naturally she was concerned, but once she realized he was okay, her focus turned to what was actually making me so uneasy about it. Would I have reacted this way if it had been the guy I went out with last night? What about if it had been the person I met at the bowling alley last week? Probably not. And then she said it. She said those words that I never in a million years thought for one second anyone would ever say to me.

You love him, Val!

A phone call about 20 minutes later, put a little bit of relief to the situation. The ambulance had already been there to check him out. The car was up on the flatbed and being taken away. His dad showed up to take him home.

Know how many people in his family knew? None. Two phone calls were made. One to me and one to his dad.

I’m so happy he’s okay.



Dear bff@work: if anything happens to you, I’ll be real mad, please take care of yourself.

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  1. Those phone calls suck. As you know I got one of those last year from my Daughter.

    Glad your friend is OKAY!