Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Welcome Back BFF@work

Ever since bff@work got his new "daytime" job back in January, The Ranch has been a totally different place for me. He used to spend a lot of time here, making sure feeding and cleaning was being done appropriately, kept me entertained with funny stories or rants, and always made sure my candy jar was full.

Because the hours of his daytime job are later, it allows me less time to see him. For me, it's unfortunate. For him, he's probably glad. (I annoy him just as much as he annoys me. We work well together like that.)

He was out of town for two whole weeks doing some sort of training for his job. I'm sure it was nice being out of town and away from the day-to-dayness of life, but he was SURELY missed here at The Ranch. The funny stories I heard from others aren't quite the same. :-/  And my candy jar was empty.

It was soooo fabulous to have him back yesterday. Things got taken care of that were otherwise left unattended. The comedy and rants are more hilarious than ever. And my candy jar is full again.

1 comment:

  1. Glad hes back for your entertainment.

    My boss resigned and is moving to Arizona to work.

    He's one of those bosses you love to work for. He will be missed and prolly wont be coming back.