Sunday, March 4, 2012

I played the bad guy. Again.

7am Thursday morning. Birds chirping, I had just hit snooze for the first time, no dogs barking, just quiet bliss before having to get up.


I ignore it, because I know for certain it isn’t for me. If RM#1 or RM#2 were expecting someone, I know they’d go answer it. I thought nothing of it, and rolled over to doze for a few more minutes.

7:15am: DING DONG!

Um, okay. There is absolutely no noise coming from RM#1/RM#2’s bedroom, so I went ahead and got up to see who it was.

Little girl across the street wanted a ride to school. I told her she had woke me up, and wasn’t anywhere near being ready to drive anywhere. She asked if RM#1 could take her. I politely told her she was asleep, so she turns to walk away. I close the door and climb back into bed.

7:38am: DING DONG! DING DONG! (Yeah, she did it. She rang my doorbell twice. Please remember that there are SEVEN dogs that live in my house. Doorbells are open invitations for them to make noise. RM#1 gets REALLY angry about that.)

I got up, opened the front door and said, “Do not ring my doorbell in the morning before we are awake unless you or someone in your family needs medical attention. Taking you to school is not my responsibility. It is not RM#1’s responsibility. It is not RM#2’s responsibility. Taking you to school is the responsibility of your mom, your grandmother, your grandfather, or whoever else lives in that house with you. I’m leaving here in 15 minutes. If you want a ride, be back over here 15.” I shut the door.

I know, I could have been nicer, but come on. Really? I’m not a total bitch. I mean, she’s eight years old, and wants to go to school. I couldn’t NOT take her. School is important. Here’s the thing that really pissed me off.

Me: Where’s your mom?

Little girl: Sleeping.

Me: Sleeping?

Little girl: Yeah. She had a doctors appointment this morning, but she called and changed it to later because she wanted to sleep.

Me: So your mom would have taken you to school if she had gone to her appt?

Little girl: Yeah. But she wanted to sleep.

UGH!!!!!!!!  She doesn’t work, doesn’t do anything except drugs strange things inside her house with her friends (little girl tells us that). The police have been there SEVERAL times in the three years I’ve lived here. I feel so bad for this little girl. Her grandmother and grandfather are the owners of the house. I think they are completely oblivious to everything that goes on there. They are normal hard working middle class people. Who happen to love NASCAR, by the way. Tony Stewart and Dale Jr. fans, but they’re fans nonetheless. :-)

I know there will again be times she’ll need a ride, and I suppose she’ll now be afraid to come ask us. That wasn’t my intentions, but I needed to get my point across. Our point across. Time and time again, RM#1 has taken her to school, but at what point do we need to say enough is enough? We want nothing to do with the little girls mother. She’s bad news, and there is no place for bad news in our lives.

I’m quite certain that if RM#1 wanted a kid to take to school, she’d have her own.

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