Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Whoa there Busch brothers. What’s going on?

Kurt and Kyle Busch, two of NASCAR’s bad boys. Two great drivers, destined to make something of themselves, if they’d stop being such assholes about everything. David Caraviello (of writes this about Kurt…

Busch never got it, never understood that a little humanity in certain situations would have done him wonders, never realized there was a difference between competitiveness and rage.

Kurt has recently found himself carless. Can you believe that??? A former cup champion is now facing an uncertain future BECAUSE OF HIS ATTITUDE. Can we hit home any closer than that? Just sayin’.

While Kyle seems to have been lucky enough to have great people to back him during his most recent trouble, Kurt seems to have burned all the bridges he crossed every day. I remember when he had trouble at Roush. I surely didn’t expect him to go onto his next employer and be the same way. Why didn’t he learn from that? Because he knew he had somewhere else to go? What about this time? Where does he go? There’s no open ride for him. Yet.

Car owners aren’t stupid. They know Kurt is a great driver and they know he wins races. Taking a gamble on him is much easier than taking a gamble on someone like say, Danica Patrick. She doesn’t win NASCAR races, Kurt Busch does.

Attitude is everything. I’m a walking true testament to that. I watched one of the most important people in my life walk away because I wanted to have the upper hand instead of a common ground. I don’t want to say that I “understand” what Kurt/Kyle go through, because honestly, I don’t. But you know what? I do. And when I hear Kurt say, “ I need to work on things that can make me a better driver and a better person”, do I really believe him? I can’t honestly say I do. Until Kurt (and Kyle for that matter) take an actual moment to themselves, things won’t change. A kick in the ass, or no ride for the 2012 season, might help Kurt realize it’s not all about him. It might help him realize he can’t verbally abuse his team on or off the radio. And it might help him realize he’s pissed off some very important people…his fans. Maybe. But probably not.


  1. Hey, Give Danica a good rida and she can hit the wall as hard as any guy.

  2. Boys, it is always all about them, isn't it? It takes a real man to have humility...and that takes years and years of work. Are ya willing to wait, that is the million dollar question, right?