Friday, December 2, 2011

Just some randomness

Here’s just a big mess of stuff.

Having a real rough day today. My therapist says that break down’s are healthy. She encourages them. I’m not so certain. When they take place inside In-N-Out Burger, or Target, or even while driving, I’m pretty sure that’s not good. I can’t prevent them. They just happen. And they come out of nowhere.

Sometimes it’s a familiar smell, or an airplane flying above, or something as simple as a television show, that brings it on. I couldn’t possibly stop doing EVERYTHING I normally do, just because I’m emotional about things. Life must go on, and I can’t get stronger and better, without going through it all. I refuse to be like Dad.

I know I’ll wake up one morning and things will be okay. She promises me. It’s just gonna take some time. And let me tell you something else. Doing it alone, is freakin’ HARD, but I guess it’s not worth it unless you can do it yourself.

I love coming home to find strange things going on. Came home the other night and found this set up in my front yard.

RM#1’s boyfriend and best friend were prepping crows. He drew a bit of a crowd, which is why I love living here. We are the highlight of this neighborhood. (I think the green coloring on the house has finally grown on me.)

Was leaving Sis’s condo this morning, when I saw this…

I feel really bad for these people. The winds were so bad, that it made this tree fall. On a car. When I first pulled up last night, all you could see was a tree in the street. It wasn’t until I walked past it to get to the entrance, that I noticed there was a car under there. The bottom balcony in the picture is Sis’s place, so you get a really good view of it if you’re standing on the patio. Bummer for them, though. I hope insurance covers that. The other people that live there are probably pretty pissed too. This whole mess is taking up THREE parking spots. And ones right by the entrance.

Look. Here’s Kyle Busch getting his Fastest Lap Award. I heart him.

I would love to go out to dinner tonight. Or for a beer. Okay, honestly, I just want some company. I’m going nuts with RM#1 being gone. Nobody to talk to. It’s horrible. And the dogs don’t talk back. They just bark. And that’s annoying to me.

I need human interaction. So come over. We can watch mindless television. Or build a fire and enjoy it. Or go out to dinner. Or go to a movie. Or just be.

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  1. Heard y'all had a lot of wind. Thats not real uncommon here. I lost a tree about 4 times that big 2 yrs ago. Luckily it just took out the fence, well that and my tricep that I tore while cleaning it up.