Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Turtles, swords, and a plate

The turtles of yesterday have turned into this…

Watch for these guys on television soon. It’ll be a few weeks, and since I don’t watch that show, I can’t tell you when it’ll be on, but if you like asshole doctors, chances are you’ll probably see ‘em eventually.

One of the trainers at work came in yesterday and said, “Here Val. I made you something.” He handed me a sword made out of plexiglass. There have been a number of times when I’ve used the yard stick to sword fight with him. I guess he figured I deserved a better sword. It’s ghetto, and looks a bit like something I saw some girl hiding in jail, but I spent a better part of the day playing with it so it must be okay. Forgive me. It’s more difficult than I thought, to take a picture of something clear!

Was excited to get home tonight so I could watch the CMA Awards. Yay for The Band Perry. Yay for Jason Aldean finally winning an award. And for ALBUM OF THE YEAR!!! WOOOOO HOOOOOO! I love him! Anyway, RM#1 needed something from the store, but wasn’t in the mood to go back out. I wasn’t either, but I needed something too. So, off I went.

Got to the parking lot and saw this license plate…

This isn’t the actual plate. Someone was in the truck so I felt weird taking the picture. But I swear, it REALLY said this. Ha. In hindsight I realize I should have waited to see who got out of the truck, but oh well.

Taylor Swift gets Entertainer of the Year? Oh geez. Get real. Where’s Kanye West when you need him?

Until tomorrow….

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  1. Be careful with the plexiglass sword. It breaks with sharp edges.