Sunday, November 27, 2011

Happy Sunday.

Hello y’all! Guess who I found?

I found Rowdy Peanut lurking around the internet. (I found a cool website that allowed me to waste lots of time make M&M caricatures.) So, RP will be joining us for a bit. He’s my new mascot.

The time has finally come. I got a new Christmas Stocking. Since the one I had as a kid is the property of my dad, and we know I won’t be going there any time soon to get it, I figured it was time I broke free from the binds of childhood and got my own. Isn’t it cute? It’s like an elf shoe, with bells. RJ liked it. Said it was perfect for me. Maybe one year I’ll have my name put on the white part in glitter. Perhaps that’s a project for RJ. He can create the stocking that will hang on my fireplace for years to come. Awesome.

As RJ and I walked around Sis’s condo complex, we were surrounded by beautiful Birds of Paradise. They always have been, and always will be, my favorite flower. Nobody has ever allowed me to grow them, because they are such large plants, but one day, I’ll have a walkway path lined with them through my backyard. Awesome.

RJ and I took our Christmas card pictures today. I’m so overly excited about them. I can’t wait to send them out this year. EVERYONE I know is getting one, just because I’m excited about it.

Happy almost Monday, Readers. I hope your week is fabulous.

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