Saturday, November 12, 2011

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For reasons beyond my control, I will not be attending the Phoenix races this weekend like originally planned. Insert very sad face here.

With it being a newly paved track, things could get interesting. Kyle played around there a few weeks back, so maybe it’ll give him a little bit of an edge. With having to sit out last week, this needs to be the week that Kyle comes back and wins. If for no other reason than to piss off the Kyle Busch haters. Their harsh words are so hateful and unnecessary.

It’s disappointing that M&M’s pulled out as sponsors for these last two races, but whatever. I don’t give a damn what’s on the hood or side panels of each race car. I care about what’s happening on the track. And I would hope that most other race fans feel the same.

RM#1’s boyfriend and I watched an episode of Family Feud Friday night. I was astounded at how dumb one of the families was. Either that, or the show was rigged, because these people were answering really dumb things to some pretty simple questions. A snake, Lady? Really? A snake? Doh!

My XM radio was supposed to stop working almost two weeks ago. To avoid the sadness of hearing it not work, I went ahead and unplugged it. Been listening to regular radio since. Plugged it in this afternoon just to see, and it still worked. Hmm. I sure hope I don’t get a bill for it. Supposedly, it was supposed to be shut off Nov 1st. It’s now the 12th, and still works. My feelings are mixed about this. Should I take advantage of the situation by continuing to listen until it’s finally shut off? Or should I break the rules and send a message to JK letting him know he will eventually get a bill because they didn’t shut it off. My gut says shut up, it’s not your business anymore, but my heart says tell him. he might appreciate it.

Happy Saturday Night, y’all!

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  1. Kinda surprised he is racing at all this weekend. JG stood by him. Not exactly sure what statement that makes.