Saturday, October 22, 2011

Still learning

Every single day, I learn something new.

I learned that in the original Wizard of Oz movie, Toto didn’t open the curtain with his teeth/mouth. He was rigged to a loop that he stepped into, and as he walked, the curtain opened.

I learned that when someone tries to tear you down, keeping focused on all the good makes for an amazing reaction.

I learned that no matter what someone’s negative opinions are of me, I know first hand how much I’ve changed and how far I’ve come. Their opinions aren’t damaging to me anymore.

I learned that Real Housewives of ANY city, is a stupid television show.

I learned that someone’s inability to find or hold a job, is not my concern, and I wish they’d stop blaming me for their struggles. I have my own.

I learned that no matter how much I complain about it, the dogs are STILL going to wake me up before I’m ready to get up in the morning.

I learned that nobody cares about my thoughts except for me.

I learned that I envy waves. They are so powerful, free, and careless about what they do. Maybe this is why I love to sit and watch them. Their lack of care in what they destroy is sometimes overwhelming, yet fascinating nonetheless.

I learned that no matter how impressed I am of Kyle Busch’s driving, every race, he finds a way to impress me even more. The guy is just simply amazing.

I learned that after looking at pictures a friend sent me from NY, I so badly want to experience New Years Eve there. And I won’t let the cold stop me. I will enjoy it and embrace it and accept it as part of the experience.

I learned that if RM#1 doesn’t put the bowl of Candy Corn away, I will eat it all.

1 comment:

  1. I never could Stand the "Wizard of Oz".

    AS much as I cant stand Kyle I will give him Kudos for his driving ability and nerve.

    I love the Candy Corn.