Monday, October 31, 2011

A peek and a text

I peeked. I admit it. I peeked at something I shouldn’t have peeked at out of pure nosiness. But it’s totally okay. I don’t have to listen to the yelling or screaming because I peeked. Such a fabulous feeling (big grin). Plus, it isn’t like I peek all the time. And believe me, I won’t peek again. Nosiness has been satisfied. And my reaction was: Yuck!

In other news, my phone has decided the keyboard part doesn’t want to be touch screen anymore. So sad for anyone that wants a reply to a text or email. So sad if I need to send an important message to someone. I hope I don’t get locked inside a car trunk some time soon and need to send a text. Geesh. (sad face)

My XM ends today (sad face). I’m very sad about this, but cannot bring myself to pay it. Buying food and car parts are a bigger priority for me right now. No extra money for luxuries like satellite radio. Regular radio, cd’s, and my iPod will have to do. It’s okay. I hold no grudge against JK for not wanting to pay another year worth of radio for an ex. It certainly isn’t his responsibility anymore. (grin)

I got some really cute pictures of RJ from Halloween. He makes my heart melt. I can’t wait to have another one. One that I won’t miss six years with.

Work is so stressful right now. We have a few trainers going to Toronto, eight trainers going to Utah, and a ton of other jobs going on. I’m overwhelmed and begging for a few extra minutes to do things. If I buckle under the pressure, it’s a mess. It’s a BIG mess. And I can’t have a mess. I don’t like cleaning up messes, especially ones that are impossible to fix. I’m at work earlier than I’ve ever been. I come home late. I’m exhausted. And all I want when I come home, is a big hug and something to eat. RM#1 doesn’t provide either of those two things. I don’t want hugs from the dogs, and if one of them even thought about putting a paw in something I was planning on eating, I’d scream louder than ever before. I need a vacation, and I need one bad. I need time away. I need time to sit and admire something far more beautiful than the damn computer screen at work. I could rant on and on, but the bottom line is, I’m tired. I’m mentally exhausted and I have no more to give. I’m fried. And it’s only Monday. (tear)

How was your Monday?

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