Monday, October 3, 2011

A little thing called The Weekend

There was no screaming. There was no yelling. There was no arguing. There was no name calling. There was no fighting. There was love. All weekend long. I wish I had actually counted the number of times RJ told me he loved me. In less than 48 hours, I heard it more than I’ve heard it my ENTIRE life. It was fantastically amazing, and makes me tear up thinking about it. There IS someone out there that loves me unconditionally. And I’m so happy it’s my son. :-)

Coming into a strange house with SEVEN dogs was a bit overwhelming at first. RM#1 made his adjustment fun, and put the dogs away only letting one out at a time until he became comfortable around them. One of the dogs (Kasey) is known to be kid aggressive, so we introduced him last. He ended up being his favorite dog. Strange.

Saturday morning, I heard a loud creek in my room (only heard by the opening of my bedroom door). Then I hear “Mom? Are you awake?” Before I could turn around and open my eyes, he had climbed into bed with me. BIG GRIN!

I was a little shocked when I stumbled into the bathroom, eyes half open, and saw this…

11 years ago, deodorant was NOT on my mind when I thought about the future of my son. They actually do grow up into adults, don’t they?


We had breakfast and went grocery shopping. I loathe grocery shopping. I very much dislike walking down every isle. I want to go in, get what I need, and leave. I like to spend less than five minutes (ten max). Grocery shopping for the appetite of an eleven year old? We were there AN HOUR AND A HALF.

We spent several hours on Saturday playing at the arcade. We played games I hadn’t played in forever, and games that I never want to admit that I played. He beat me TWICE at air hockey, but I beat him at hoops.



He rode the bumper boats. He sprayed other people and other people sprayed him. Yay for getting in the car wet!!Winking smile


Before I took him back last night, we stopped for one of his favorite things. In-N-Out.




I don’t know when the next time he’ll be allowed to spend the weekend with me will be, so I’ve taken my memories and locked them away in my little mind.

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  1. I might be tearing up a bit too.

    Love to hear things went so good.

    I had an In and Out Burger when I worked in Phoenix. It was pretty good.