Monday, October 24, 2011

It’s a sign

So, y’all know that song Tomorrow by Chris Young, right? Click the link if you don’t.

Anyway, an ex boyfriend and I recently got into a (insert word here), and it pretty much ended with both of us realizing we don’t want anything to do with the other. There were a million reason for our breakup, and this was the millionth and one. A clear reminder to both of us why we had broken up in the first place.

On Saturday, Sis sent me a text message telling me when she would come drop off an early birthday present she had gotten for me. The text simply said Tomorrow. Folks, I kid you not, it’s Monday night, and I’ve received the same damn text message TWELVE times. Twelve. Did you get that? Twelve times. The number twelve. Twelve times I’ve been told Tomorrow.

I get the point. And I get the relation. No need for a million and one texts.  :-(

(p.s. she dropped her phone in soup on friday, so maybe that has a bit to do with it. i don’t know.)

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