Friday, July 1, 2011

Fear of Flying.

The amount of anxiety that comes over my body when I arrive at an airport, is unbelievable. My fear of flying causes such distress, that from the moment I unload the car at the curb, to the moment I land at the other end, my heart races, my eyes and mouth dry out, my hands shake, I have a constant vomit feeling in my throat and stomach, and I become an absolute basketcase. I forget everything I'm supposed to remember, and when I need to speak to someone, the words fumble out like I'm speaking something other than English. My flight is two weeks away, and I'm already panicked.

I've never had a bad flying experience, so I'm not sure where the fear comes from. Maybe it's the fear of flying alone. If something happens, nobody will be there to hold onto as I fall out of the sky. Or maybe knowing that at any moment, I could be taken behind security walls and interrogated about things I don't know. And when they find out I don't know, what will happen?

Anyone else afraid of flying? What do you do to calm yourself down when flying alone?

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