Friday, June 17, 2011


One of my BFF’s just had a baby. Actually, his wife just had twins. Let me try that again.

One of my BFF’s just had twin girls with his wife. Yay!

I’ve known David and his sister since I was seven. Their parents were very good friends with my parents. Growing up, we were always together. The four of us were BFF’s. I used to go to my dad’s house every other weekend, but on the weekends I didn’t, LZ and I were usually over at their house. Their parents would come over on occasion to play cards with my parents. The four of us kids were usually playing hide & seek out in the neighborhood. During the summer months, my parents would allow us all to hang out in the spa (no heater turned on). It was almost as good as swimming, but not. Our families camped together during the summer. I was never close to my dad, so their dad was who I looked up to. Still today, he is one of my favorite men. He will probably be the man that walks me down the isle the next time I get married. I just love him so much.

David’s sister had a baby back in August. Now, we welcome Philyssa Frances and Genessee Michaela. (I’m pretty sure there are specific reasons for the names chosen, but I haven’t seen or talked to them since the birth because they’ve been so freakin’ busy.)


The babies haven’t been allowed to come home from the hospital yet, but I wish they’d hurry up. I’d like to go see those little bundles of joy!

Congrats David and Maria!

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