Monday, June 6, 2011

A few movies

I’ve caught a few movies over the last few weeks.

Easy A: Loved it. Hilarious! Would totally own it.


Gran Torino: Loved it! (His yellow lab in this movie belongs to us. Our trainer spent 3 months filming on location.) Yes, I cried at the end. I ♥ Clint. Would own it.



The House Bunny: Cute. I’m an Emma Stone fan, so naturally she was the best part of this movie. Would not own it.


The Proposal: Loved it! Good date movie. Would own it.


X-Men: Uncertain. Second viewing required before decision can be made. But Hugh Jackman? Whoa baby!!!



  1. Was gran Torino not great? Clint has alawys been one of my favorite actors. This was definitely no let down.

    Ive liked most of his stuff except for Bronco Billy.

  2. I loved Gran Torino. I thought the message they got across was strong and couldn't have been done any better. It's typical Clint style and that's okay by me.

    We just worked on his new J Edgar movie. Got a few dogs in it. :-)