Sunday, May 1, 2011

A baby in the house

It’s never a dull moment around my house. I came home from work on Friday to find this…




RM#1’s ex boyfriend was over, and this is his newest baby. He’s a Falconer and raising this baby Raven. It’s about ten weeks old. It just started to open his eyes on Friday morning. His head is still very heavy, so he has some trouble picking it up. However, when it’s feeding time, he finds the strength to raise it up high. I asked him to take it out so I could take better pictures. Here’s what I got…



Happy Sunday!


  1. I spose they are cute in their own way.

    Movie star in the making?

  2. Exactly.
    This little guy will one day fly through frame or sit atop a branch in a commercial, tv show, movie, or print ad. A definite movie star in the making. :-)