Sunday, April 3, 2011


Captain Thunder Racing says this about Kyle….

How much more domination in the sport do we need to witness before fans begin to accept that he is a great driver? At the very least, the maturity level shown by Busch this season should have all of the NASCAR Chase contenders shaking in their racing boots. It certainly looks like a championship season is forming quickly in the #18 garage.

And he takes the points lead going into Texas. Not bad for a days work.


Last week, just before the Fontana race started, I said to JK, “I think I dislike Harvick less and less every time I hear him talk. He’s an okay guy. I mean, he gives people jobs! He sees talent and gives them a car to drive. He can’t be THAT bad.” Then he ended up winning the race. And guess what? He won again today. Weird.



  1. Ya gotta be an idiot not to recognize that he is one of the most talented drivers on the track. Plus he is winning alot. Everyone hated Gordon when he won everything too. However, Kyle has an arrogant streak that rubs everyone raw as well.

    I'm lukewarm with Harvick. I dont dislike him but I dont pull for him either unless he is beating Kyle.

  2. hahaha @ "...unless he is beating Kyle." I think a lot of people feel that way about Kyle. They don't care who beats kyle, just as long as SOMEONE does.

    I remember when everyone hated Gordon. And it seems lately that he gets a lot more cheers than ever before. Most of the NASCAR fans I see in my town are #24 and #88. I've NEVER seen an #18. :-)

  3. I feel quilty working on the 18, 20 and 11 cars. I hope Gordo dont find out. LOL