Monday, April 11, 2011

Honesty Time

A few weeks ago, I was spending some time with one of my childhood friends. At the time, it hadn't been known to too many people that JK and I had in fact broken up. It was still a tender subject and I wasn't quite ready to tear the bandage off just yet. When she asked about him, I told her the bare minimum. Her response? "That's okay. He was a douche anyway." WHAT?? I couldn't actually believe what I was hearing. For 15 years I've shut my mouth about her boyfriend/fiancee/now husband, because I'm just not the kind of person to create waves in a boyfriend/girlfriend or husband/wife relationship. I have a lot more class than that. Anyway, I brushed it off, but later mentioned it to LZ in passing. Even she was shocked that this friend would say that.

Fast forward to today...That comment still stings.When I think about calling my friend to talk to her about it, I change my mind so to not make trouble. I never told JK what she said, and unfortunately, now that I've written about it on here, he'll more than likely ask me about it and I'll need to explain. {sigh}

I do not care what any one single person thinks about the relationship between JK and I. It's strange, I know. I'll be the first to admit it. But you know what? It works for us right now. When I want to talk about racing, I call him. When he wants to talk about racing, he calls me. When I want to talk about one of my favorite actors, I call him. When he wants to talk about one of his favorite actors, he calls me. When I miss him, I call him and tell him. When he misses me, he calls me and tells me. When I'm feeling down and depresssed, I call him and he helps me get out of that funk. When he's feeling down and depressed, he calls me and I help him get out of his funk. When we see each other, our faces light up. We fall into each others arms and melt into the other. We just fit. Perfectly.

So to those that have comments to make or opinions to share, I kindly ask that you keep them positive. JK and I do not wish for any troubles to come our way. We have our own battles to fight and creating more from the outside, makes our days harder to deal with.

I do not know what the future holds, and to be honest, I kind of like not knowing. Fear of the unknown doesn't always have to be scary.


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