Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Another addiction

I’ve got a bunch of addictions, I know. First slingo, then words with friends. A few others I can’t mention on this PG-Rated blog. Now this.

A short time after meeting The X (13 years ago), he introduced me to a computer game called You Don’t Know Jack. I became addicted. I played it all.the.time. Seriously folks, this game rocked! Eventually, other games came into my life and I stopped playing YDKJ.

Fast forward to three days ago. I’m flipping through the new apps on my iThingy, and what do I see? The familiar bald head I used to love to see on my computer screen.

My huge smile quickly turned to a frown when I noticed the app price. $2.99? Are you kidding me? To play trivia?

I don’t buy apps. I figured that if there isn’t a free app similar enough, I don’t need it. There have been a few exceptions to this rule, but they were special circumstances. And never over $0.99.

My frown and anger at the $2.99 price tag suddenly became a distant thought when I heard the familiar music start up as the game began.

Ahhh! The comforts of familiarity.


  1. LOL. Ive never played that but I do like trivia. I dont have a smart phone but I sneek the wifes away to play angry birds. Its become and obsession.

  2. :) I was planning a blog about this very thing! Not the game but apps and the way we look at the prices. My son has an iPad and I typically only download free educational apps. And while I don't bat en eyelash at a $20 educational toy at Target