Saturday, March 26, 2011

30 Days of Me: Day 23

Day 23 – 15 facts about you.


I remember the first time I heard Charles Kelley (from Lady Antebellum) sing. It was so clear sounding, and just flawless. He can sing me to sleep any night, is what I remember saying. THEN I heard he had a brother who ALSO sang country music. And I haven’t stopped listening since.  :-)


I just saw a Liberty Mutual commercial where people see someone doing something good and they pay it forward. It made me cry. Don’t have a clue why, but it did. Overemotional much?


Joey Logano says, I went to The Home Depot and bought a bush wacker. A Kyle Busch wacker. haha. Joey, you are pure comedy.


I used to be addicted to FarmVille. I would spend countless hours every week tending to cows, chickens, apricot trees, vegetables, and building the general store and The Trading Post. Don’t judge me. It keeps me out of trouble. It’s a bit more fun than sitting at a bar trying to fend off the creepy guys that think they have a shot. My newest addiction: FrontierVille.


I do not look forward to Saturdays. Sundays are my favorite. It takes me quite a bit of time to unwind from the week, but usually by Sunday morning, I’m fully relaxed and enjoying my weekend. Plus, Sunday is Race Day.  :-)


The best part of waking up, is knowing that in a few short moments, a cold glass of Iced tea will be in my hand. It keeps me going during the day. It’s Val Fuel.


My laptop is sick. I seem to have temporarily fixed the problem, but I know a more in depth overhaul will be needed soon. It’s times like these I miss The X being around. (And only times like this.) He could always fix anything on a computer I screwed up.


Starburst is one of my favorite candies. I don’t eat sweets much, but when I do, I can sometimes be found eating an entire package of these delicious, chewy little pieces of heaven.


I am a NASCAR/Kyle Busch FANatic. A few weeks ago, I was driving in front of someone who was pointing and laughing at either my Kyle Busch sticker or license plate holder. I blew it off, because after all, what does this guy know? I ended up getting stuck behind a slower car, so the car behind me moved over to pass. As he passed, I noticed the 88 in his back window. *PEOPLE! If you’re going to talk bad about a driver, make sure your driver is better. It only makes you look like an ass.

Tacos. One of my favorite foods. When I was growing up, my folks used to throw tacos together on nights they didn’t feel like cooking a big meal. I’ve been known to hold down 5 or 6 in one sitting. Mmm. Yummy.


I’ve been in love THREE times. I learned something from each, and I continue to learn more every time I see one of those three guys in their new relationships. Learning about life and love is awesome!


I need a long romantic vacation. Something longer than one or two days. I want to sip fruity drinks in the water. I want to lay on the sand without fear of being stuck with a used needle (thank you los angeles.) I want to play Marco Polo in the crystal clear water. I want to eat interesting food and visit with people from other places of the world. I guess I just want to get away.


I have developed a love/hate relationship with Carl’s Jr. I have never liked Carl’s. The food just always seemed……..gross. To me. If I was with someone that wanted Carl’s, I would always try to sway them towards something else, or refuse to order from there and get food elsewhere. It never actually occurred to me that there might be something on the menu that I like. One of JK’s favorite places to eat is Carl’s. Because he knew I didn’t like it, he’d eat it when I wasn’t with him. I don’t know if it’s his persuasiveness or my change in taste, but the Western Bacon Cheeseburger is my new love. Last week, I had three of them. Two of them in the SAME DAY!



When my parents wished that I had children just like me, I scoffed and said they won’t be anything like me. Guess what? RJ is JUST LIKE ME! Not in everything he does, but in some. It’s a fact.


I love Gnomes. My mom got me interested in them, and for that, I thank her. They are so cute. This is Gustav. He sits by my front door. Every time I come home, I say hi to him. He’s not great at saying hi back, but I don’t hold it against him. He’s busy trying to read.  :-)


  1. Ive never been a taco lover. Then I found a little trailer on a back road in town that serves them authentic. They look nothing like the shells but are fabulous.

    We dodnt have a Carls here.

  2. Mmm. There are some great places in SoCal to get tacos. Back alley stands/trucks.

    I understand that part of the midwest and the east have Hardee's. That's apparently the bother/sister company to Carl's.