Saturday, February 12, 2011

Visitation: Week 5

I’ve received my first Valentine’s Day gift of 2011. And it couldn’t have been from anyone better. My RJ. (the flower pot says Mom)

This weeks lunch was Subway. We shared a foot long Italian BMT. I’d never had one before, and don’t typically eat an entire sandwich myself, so I went ahead and ate the second half of what he wanted. It was pretty good, if it hadn’t been toasted. But that’s the way he liked it, so that’s the way we ate it.   :-)

Last week he mentioned playing Life. He seemed pretty disappointed that the “place” didn’t have the game anymore, so I went out and bought it. (I’m such a sucker.) I spent a bit of time this morning opening the box and unwrapping all the money, tearing apart the little buildings to attach to the board, and placing all the stickers on the bridges. It was fun, and it totally had me psyched to play. After lunch, we sat down and played. And you know what? He beat me! Fair and square. He beat me. I couldn’t believe it.

As soon as he won the game was over, so was our visit. Always seems to go so fast.  :-(

Stay tuned. Next week, he wants to play UNO.  :-)


  1. Sounds like a nice visit. We used to get into some fun games of Uno.

    Watch the race last nite?

    Did you see the pictures of them repaving the track? It looked like a real pain.

  2. Race was pretty intense. I got worried a few times with the 2-car join ups, and it's only going to be more crazy with all 43 cars out on the track. Seems Gordon finally has some power to work with. Not sure a Ford or a Toyota can handle the top speeds for 500 miles, but if it does, my money's on Kyle. :-)

    Those pictures were pretty cool. The banking is so incredible.

  3. The two car drafts looked like the train races during the Summer Shootout Series" in Charlotte.

    They chain 2 cars together. The front car does the pulling and the back cars has the brakes. Its a good time. LOL