Saturday, February 26, 2011



RM#1 and I are renters of the house we live in. Today, she gets a phone call from the owner saying they’re coming by today with a realtor to put up a For Sale sign. Um, what? People are going to be coming in and out of our house during the day? Are you kidding me???????? Heck no. Not gonna happen. No sir re.

RM#1 had a realtor of her own, as she was looking to buy her first home recently. After what she considers a “bad experience”, she fired her realtor and hasn’t been looking for houses since. As far as I know.

I don’t know why I got instantly stressed. Is it because I might need to move quicker than I had planned? Is it because I know for certain I can’t move all this stuff myself? I should be looking at it with a completely different set of eyes.

I can start over in a completely different place. New place, new people, new start in life. Life can be so different, if I allow it to.  :-)

I wanted the next time I had to move, to be so different. I can’t tell you what I mean about that, but know that this, wasn’t how I wanted things to end.

Stay tuned…we’ll see where this story goes in a few days.

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  1. Moving sucks regardless of the reason. I dont know about there but the houses dont move to quickly here. Hopefully you want have to move too quickly.