Monday, October 4, 2010

Hello Jell-O

When I was a little girl, I remember visiting my grandparents all the time. My grandmother aimed to please my grandfather. Whatever he wanted to eat for breakfast, she’d cook it. Whatever he wanted for dinner, she’d make it. One of his favorite things for dessert, was lime Jell-o. It never was my favorite, but on occasion, she’d have it in the fridge when we’d come over.

Today while I was out working in the yard, I thought back to all the times I used to help grandpa in his yard, and started to cry. I thought about the times I used to walk through Montgomery Ward with my hand in his pocket, and the times when grandma and I used to giggle as he sat on the same cushion of the couch and fumbled through the stacks of mail while we watched The Golden Girls or Wheel of Fortune, and the way he used to brag about LZ and I to all his Knights of Columbus buddies, and, and, and…, and thought, What better way to celebrate his memory today, than with some lime Jell-o. So, to the store I went, for one little box of lime Jell-o. I’m not sure what the cashier was thinking, but it didn’t matter to me. That little box, at one time, brought happiness to a man that seemed so hard to please.

Tonight, I will raise my spoon as I toast to my favorite man in the whole world, and the man that taught me so much.


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