Friday, October 15, 2010

Five Question Friday

Rules for Five Question Friday: Copy and paste the following questions to your blog post, answer them, then link up with Mama M. Come on. Join in. It’ll be fun!


  1. What is your favorite Halloween candy? The little candy corns.
  2. Do you fold your socks? Sometimes. If I’m doing laundry in a hurry, I just throw them into my sock drawer. If I’ve got time, I’ll fold ‘em.
  3. What is something that you wish you had been warned about? That my divorce would fail if I didn’t work at it hard enough.
  4. What is the most significant difference between you and your significant other? Nothing bothers him. Everything bothers me.
  5. What are three words you would use to describe yourself? (And, just for fun...if your significant other is around, ask him/her what 3 words they would use to describe you!!) I say Crab, Honest, Afraid   JK says Deep, Analytical, Reactive

1 comment:

  1. I think #4 must just be the standard difference between the sexes! I can totally relate.