Friday, September 10, 2010

Back to School (from my soap box)

A few days ago, RJ went back to school. Another year came and went, and now the beginning of another year means he’s growing faster than I could have ever imagined. I can remember him crawling around on the floor, trying to get into anything and everything, and wondering to myself, Will there ever come a time when I can get some sleep? Will he ever slow down? Well, I did eventually get some sleep, but he hasn’t slowed down.

Fifth grade can be a scary place. It was for me. It meant I got promoted from the “small” playground to the “large” playground. It meant I got to experience different teachers for different subjects, not just the same teacher all day. It meant I could really get into trouble if I did something wrong, not just get a slap on the wrist and told “You shouldn’t do that”. It meant I was expected to do more. It meant Algebra. It meant having to do Science projects on my own, without my parents’ help. It meant interest in boys. It meant more grown up friendships with my friends. It meant so much, and as I think about RJ going into the fifth grade, it scares me that my “Little King”, isn’t so little anymore.

**Side note: His name means Little King, and although I know he wouldn’t be little forever, I knew when I named him, he’d always be my little man.

I called him on Tuesday to see how his first day back to school was, but The X didn’t answer the phone. I left a message, but did not receive a return call. I sent an email to The X, letting him know that I had left a message and that I would appreciate a call back, but nothing. I called twice the next day, but again, nothing. I have yet to, three days later, speak to my son about his first day, and now, his first week, of school. I made sure I wished him a wonderful first day back on the blog I created for him, but I’m not even certain The X allows RJ to see it, ever. One day, he’ll see it, and know exactly just what was going on. And one day, he’ll see this blog, and know that although it may seem like I wasn’t there, I really was.

So, to all the kids that went back to school, or started school for the first time this week, I wish you the best of luck throughout the year. Choose your friends wisely, and obey your teachers.

I love you, RJ, and….


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