Saturday, August 14, 2010


This morning after waking up, I was treated to a wonderful breakfast at a local restaurant I had never been. JK had only been once before with some friends, and knew right away it was a place I would love. Hoping into the car, I started to get excited about what I would order. Any time I go to a new breakfast place, Eggs Benedict is usually what I order. The X got me addicted to EB. I thank him for that. :-)

Well, we got to the restaurant, and as I’m looking through the menu, I notice they don’t have it on the menu. Hmm. I’m a little confused by this, so JK asks the waitress, “Do you have Eggs Benedict?” “What’s that?”, she says. Immediately, I realized this was not somewhere I would frequent for breakfast, but I certainly would be back for lunch some time.


I was happy with what I ordered, regardless of the waitress not knowing much about anything we asked.

Mission: Find a place that has excellent Eggs Benedict that I don’t have to cook. Any ideas?

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